WBA’s Concern

Why the Whatcom Business Alliance is concerned with the moratorium and permanent proposed changes in the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan.

Whatcom County Council Passes “Temporary Moratorium” on Cherry Point Exports for Sixth Time.

The WBA is concerned this moratorium adversely affects the businesses within the Cherry Point UGA to be competitive in their respective industries, ultimately impacting the ability of the companies in the Cherry Point UGA to provide long-term jobs in our community.  This moratorium distinctly disadvantages the two Whatcom County refineries vs. their competitors.

Why Should We Prevent Economic Growth?

The WBA questions why certain Whatcom County Council members are trying to prevent economic growth for companies which create high paying jobs and have a proven track record of responsible environmental protections?

A Continued Moratorium Is Not Necessary

The WBA believes our existing laws provide plenty of opportunities for the community and public to consider and weigh in on major Cherry Point projects. A continued moratorium is simply not necessary. The County should not be putting a moratorium in place for lawful businesses who meet and exceed the high environmental standards of our state. In doing so, they are sending a message to all future investors that Whatcom County is closed for business.

Don’t Be Fooled By Misleading Information

The language in the moratorium purports to pertain to “unrefined” fossil fuels, but don’t be fooled by this misleading definition, it also includes finished products.

Cherry Point Industrial Zone provides more than 2,100 direct jobs

According to the  2014 Cherry Point Employment Study, refining has a job multiplier of 5.39. That means, for every 50 jobs at the refineries, there is a multiplier effect that results in an increase of 270 jobs overall. The multiplier effect works in reverse as well, 50 refinery jobs lost results in a decrease of 270 jobs.  This ordinance and the proposed changes to the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan threatens long-term sustainable employment prospects in Whatcom County.

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