Cherry Point’s Impact

The current direction of the Whatcom County Council regarding the Cherry Point Moratorium and proposed long-term changes in the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan will cause harm to Cherry Point companies and will cause companies to think twice about future investment at Cherry Point.

We urge the County Council to work with the companies to find a balanced solution that will:

  • Protect job growth and the 10,000 + indirect family wage jobs created by Cherry Point Industry.
  • Support the hundreds of companies ranging from contractors, auto dealerships, food vendors and restaurants, to professional service providers, health care professionals and others who provide support services to Cherry Point industries.
  • Ensure that the $1 million + in annual local charitable contributions and thousands of hours in volunteer time contributed by Cherry Point companies continues.
  • Preserve our $200 million annual tax revenues used for schools, libraries, fire departments and other necessary public services coming from Cherry Point companies.

Cherry Point Companies are good environmental stewards

Why is the County Council trying to prevent economic growth for companies that improve the environment and create high-paying jobs?

  • The BP Cherry Point Refinery owns over 2,500 acres of rural land that is managed for a variety of uses including ecological restoration, habitat preservation, and enhancement.
  • The BP Cherry Point Refinery has an award-winning pollution prevention, waste reduction and recycling program that has been recognized at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Phillips 66 is one of only 4 US refineries to be awarded Energy Start status by EPA – 3 years running.
  • Phillips 66 has reduced greenhouse gas emissions 25 % from 2011 to 2015
  • Alcoa Intalco Works has reduced its greenhouse gas CO2 equivalent emissions by 75% based on 1990 baseline levels.
  • Approximately 1,500 acres of the BP site is covered by a Farm Conservation
  • Through employee engagement, innovation, and partnership, Alcoa Intalco Works has reduced contract water demand by 90% since 2004 (measured in million gallons/day).
  • 221 acres in wetlands have been restored at Cherry Point by BP.
    BP, in partnership with Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, has created the Terrell Creek Salmon Habitat Enhancement and Stream Stewards Program
    BP, through a conservation easement with the Whatcom Land Trust, has created the state’s largest Great Blue Heron rookery. Alcoa Intalco Works, in partnership with Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, continues to enhance storm water management using natural systems such as grasses, cattails and rock dams to increase settling.

These are good companies and outstanding community partners doing good things to improve our environment. The WBA urges the County Council to relook at the damaging effect and allow them to continue to grow, create more high wage jobs, improve the environment and continue to give back to the community through philanthropy, volunteerism and  

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  1. Interesting how significant the impacts are on the economy, environment and the public funding of local services. Seems like reasonable elected officials would look at the history of Cherry Point Industry and understand they are a friend to the economy, environment and community prosperity and look at ways they could support, rather than harm these businesses.

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