Small Business

Small businesses positively impact economic vitality and give each community a unique flavor. 

Small businesses in towns like Everson, Ferndale, Lynden, Sumas, Blaine and Bellingham contribute greatly to the economic vitality of Whatcom County.

They pay wages and taxes that positively impact individual lifestyles, government operations and local nonprofits. 

Restaurants, retail shops, family farms and service providers also give each community a unique flavor and culture that adds to the overall appeal of our community.

Feeling the pressure of policy.

Small-business owners face a never-ending array of government policies that they are responsible for abiding by. Fair enough. Some of those policies do a great job of protecting public safety and our environment.

However, some policies make doing business here harder than it needs to be. New rules seem to come into play each year, and sometimes old policies stop making sense in our modern world and need to be dissolved. Who better to lead those efforts than an organization driven to promote the success of local business?

Policymakers and business leaders can work together to support community success and prosperity.

Whether you have just launched an innovative startup, operate a sole proprietorship or manage a company that employs dozens or hundreds of individuals, we understand that your primary focus is on growing your business and that you may not have the time or confidence to delve into local politics and policy. That’s where the WBA Policy Center comes in.

The WBA Policy Center was created to help local business owners and industry leaders just like you. Working on your behalf, the WBA Policy Center can raise awareness of potentially harmful government policies and regulations – created at federal, state and local levels – that can impact the success and growth of your business.

When you need help understanding how proposed policies will impact the work you do; when you need someone to advocate on behalf of your business, the Whatcom Business Alliance Policy Center is available as a resource.

Research, strategy, and advocacy – done for you.

The WBA Policy Center proactively works with its members and industry partners in positive ways to advance policy issues that support business success and community values.

When you share current and future business challenges – industry regulations, workforce issues, zoning barriers and more – with the WBA Policy Center, we can work together to inform, engage, organize and advocate for more balanced policies. 

As business leaders and community advocates, we can proactively support small businesses in Whatcom County. Please consider learning more about the WBA Policy Center by reaching out to us via phone or email. You can also offer support as we work to protect and preserve a healthy business climate for all.

If you have a small business challenge you would like the WBA Policy Center to research and advocate for, click here.