With advocacy and smart policy, we can collaboratively support a critical industry in Whatcom County: Agriculture.

Imagine doing the work you were born and raised to do: producing necessary food for humans and other creatures. 

Imagine working outdoors in beautiful rural Whatcom County, tending animals and growing crops in a sustainable way. 

Imagine continuously learning new farming practices and evolving them based on industry standards and advancements in technology. 

Imagine working with a passion for protecting the land so you have something to pass along to the next generation.

This has been the dream of many Whatcom County farmers for decades.

Fighting to maintain viable farms.

Now take a moment to recognize what life has become for local farmers who are faced with challenges related to:

  • a nationwide labor crisis
  • environmental impacts and climate change
  • stream buffer regulations
  • zoning and land use issues
  • increasing expenses and unpredictable commodity pricing
  • global competitors who do not have to abide by similar regulations
  • water rights and battles over water quality 
  • inconsistent energy rates
  • additional time and legal expenses necessary to fight potential business-ending policies

Across the nation, the number of farm bankruptcies is rising sharply due to government tariffs, changing interest rates and more. 

The number of farms in Whatcom County is declining.

In 2014, Whatcom County had about 100 dairy farms, but that number is closer to 80 today.

Which brings two questions forward: 

  • If Whatcom County farmers, many with a lifetime of experience, cannot find ways to maintain viability today, who can? 
  • What can be done to support and protect the agriculture industry in our community?

Your help is needed.

Now is the time to step up and support this important industry. Policy that affects agriculture in Whatcom County affects us all.

Whether you consume products produced by local farmers, (milk, berries, cheese, nuts, potatoes, wine and more), own a farm, work in the agriculture industry in Whatcom County, or supply products or services to local farms, your help is needed. That’s where you and the WBA Policy Center come in.

The WBA Policy Center was created to bring attention to critical industries in Whatcom County such as agriculture and farming. Working alongside individuals and ag leaders, the WBA Policy Center puts the spotlight on potentially harmful government policies and regulations – created at federal, state and local levels – that can impact the success and growth of local farms.

Taking a proactive, positive and collaborative approach.

The WBA Policy Center works in positive ways to advance policy issues that can help protect and preserve agriculture in Whatcom County. We work collaboratively to inform, engage, organize and advocate for more balanced policies.

There is strength in numbers. We invite you to join this effort by making a financial contribution to the WBA Policy Center in support of agriculture advocacy.

If you have a local business challenge you would like the WBA Policy Center to research and advocate for, click here.