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Products of Cherry Point

Cherry Point companies are critical to Whatcom’s economy and quality of life. They provide the County’s highest paying jobs and pay millions in taxes that go to schools, public safety and other vital County services. Cherry Point companies also supply fuel, power and aluminum that fuel our cars, power our homes and build and fuel the jets in which we fly.

2017 Jobs and Benefits

At least 3,320 jobs, roughly 3.75 percent of the jobs in Whatcom County.

More than one-third of all jobs within the Cherry Point Region are contract workers.

Average Wage of Cherry Point $110,690.

Average Wage of Whatcom County $45,490.

Without Cherry Point Industrial Zone the average wage falls to $43,024 (5.4 percent decrease)

The median home price in Whatcom County in 2017 was $345,900, requiring an annual household income of $51,575.26.

Addition/Loss Jobs per industry

  • An addition or loss of 50 jobs in the Petroleum industry would result in the addition or loss of 174 jobs Countywide
  • An addition or loss of 50 jobs in Primary Metal Manufacturing would result in the addition or loss of 115 jobs Countywide
  • An addition or loss of 50 jobs in Electrical Generation would result in the addition or loss of 149 jobs County wide Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions

Many of the companies within Cherry Point give to local charitable organizations.

  • In 2019 United Way awarded the BP Cherry Point Refinery the Impact Award for donating more than any other business in the county.
  • Phillips 66 has gifted an annual average of approximately $450,000 (and gave $500,000 in 2018) in charitable contributions during the last five years.
  • The Alcoa Foundation awarded more than $120,000 directly to local organizations.

Taxes Paid by Cherry Point Industries in 2017

Tax CategoryCounty TotalPaid by Alcoa, BP
and Phillips 66
Percent of Total
Conservation Futures$1,067,876.74$56,520.725.29%
Flood Control Zone$3,441,531.30$182,153.875.29%
Port of Bellingham$7,058,336.68$373,584.695.29%
Rural Library$8,188,771.80$687,931.658.40%
School Districts$115,533,569.30$4,507,201.773.90%
Road Districts$29,382,385.46$2,089,371.207.11%
Fire Districts$20,108,214.36$1,693,230.428.42%
Cemetery Districts$590,636.13$134,849.2422.83%
Parks & Recreation Districts$981,773.03$81,714.528.32%
EMS Districts$8,225,373.05$416,493.355.06%

Next Steps – Sign up to stay informed

In order to receive more information regarding the Cherry Point comprehensive plan amendments and process, simply fill out the WBA Policy Center card and check the areas of interest. We will share information and make you aware of important events like upcoming town halls and public comment hearings that will be held by the Whatcom County Council and Whatcom County Planning Commission.

We also encourage you to communicate with your Whatcom County Council member and the two at large Council members as you become more aware of how these issues will impact you, your organization and the Whatcom County economy.

Whatcom County Council Contact information

Carol Frazey,, 360-778-5024, District: At-Large (B)

Barbara Brenner,, 360-384-2762, District: 3B (old district)

Rud Browne,, 360-820-9494, District: 1

Barry Buchanan,, 360-224-4330, District: At-large (A)

Tyler Byrd,, 360-778-5021, District: 3

Todd Donovan,, 360-483-8474, District 2

Satpal Sidhu,, 360-305-4948, District: 2B (old district)

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